JosieHi there and Welcome! First, I want to thank you for stopping by. I hope that we can share some recipes and stories about dishes that you make every day because this is what I like to do… cooking! It is fascinating to watch others cook and make dishes. The possibility of making dishes is limitless! It’s a never ending work of trial and error until that “taste of perfection” is achieved. Then we can proudly say, “This is a keeper!”

It’s in the Family
I think that one of the biggest influences in my life is both families of my parents when I was growing up in the Philippines. They liked to cook homemade meals from scratch! Although both families came from different regions of the country, they each have a way of making meals and both were good.
Growing up we did a lot of improvising, we simply had to improvise and do without the missing ingredients to make a meal. Throughout the years it helped me acquire some knowledge of how to do things but I am still learning.

Cooking Community?
I miss a lot of food that I can’t simply get where I am but that’s okay, I have learned to improvise over the years and picked up a few tips and tricks here and there.
Maybe you have a trick or a tip of your own that you would like to share. I would like to encourage you to do so. We could always learn from one another.

I like Food
Who doesn’t like food? A lot of times when we are invited for dinner or supper I can’t help but ask the same question over and over again. “How did you do it and what are the ingredients?” I am always curious to know! Aren’t you?

For example: Spaghetti Sauce. You have probably made this countless of times like me. But somehow when you eat somewhere else, you’re sometimes amazed of how good that sauce was!

See what I mean? Then you start asking… “What was it? Maybe there was a certain type of spice or herb that I am not familiar with. I think it was the sauce or the brand that was used!”

This is exactly what I’m talking about. But no big deal right! All you have to do is ask politely (if possible) what is in the sauce? I had a recent experience with this and just by listening to my friend telling me about her ingredients; I learned some tricks and used some new spices that I had never touched before.

The RESULT! The sauce was excellent! It was so far the best sauce that I had ever made! Now don’t ask me for the recipe because I did not write it down! I call it “the joy of cooking.” But I will share it with you in the future if I can repeat the same exact delicious sauce. Stay tune!

Explore and have Fun

I hope that you will try the recipes here and I would also like to hear from you about your own cooking experiences. Please feel free to share your stories and even your favorite recipes that you generously share with your families and friends! If you have any questions just ask and I will do my best to answer. Thanks again! I wish you the best and God Bless!

Happy Cooking


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