Ingredients : 


1 cup couscous

1 cup water

1 tbsp butter

½ cup parsley (finely chopped)

2 green onions (chopped)

I tomato (seedless and chopped)

1 clove grated garlic (optional)

½ fresh lemon juice

¼ cup olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

Easy and Simple Couscous Salad


I like couscous and sometimes I try some from the stores. The thing about the ones that they are selling is that some have too many ingredients and are too salty. So, why not make it? Allow me to share with you my simple recipe.

Boil the water in a pot and pour the couscous. Remove it from the heat; add butter and gently mix. Cover the pot and allow water to be absorbed by the couscous for about 8-10 minutes then gently stir just to loosen the couscous as seen in the video.

cooking couscous


In the meantime, wash the other ingredients and start chopping. Transfer the couscous in a big bowl then add the rest! Mix well and serve it with your favorite meat or fish.

You may also adjust the amount of salt and pepper according to how you like it. I personally like a little bit more “lemony” but this is totally up to you!


TIP: We like eating it when it’s freshly made because we can taste the freshness of the ingredients. Of course it is also good to serve it cold but I think that it loses some of the flavor as the couscous absorbs the flavor. Freshly made is SIMPLY unbeatable for me! 

Easy and Simple Couscous Salad 


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